Spring Thaw in Memory of Larry Colburn


Troy is King!

Shawano, WI - Troy Springborn had to wait an extra week, when weather postponed the Spring Thaw in Memory of Larry Colburn last Saturday at Shawano Speedway, but it was worth the wait as Springborn was crowned King for the very first time in BMRE Electrick Carts Victory Lane and earned his first WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victory. The win was extra special, as the event was in honor of his friend Larry Colburn, who passed away last year. Springborn was joined in BMRE Electrick Carts Victory Lane by Larry’s fiancé Lila Kelgey and his crew to celebrate this special win.

Todd Frank led the field to the green flag of the Spring Thaw in Memory of Larry Colburn, the 50th race for the WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour. Frank took the lead with Springborn in pursuit as they raced back to complete lap one. Springborn drove to the inside of Frank as they entered turn one and battled for the top spot around the track, with Springborn pulling ahead as they exited turn four. Springborn continued to lead the field with Brett Swedberg, Nick Anvelink and Brad Mueller following behind. By the halfway point, Springborn had a full straightaway lead on Swedberg, with Anvelink advancing to the second spot. As Springborn started to work through the tail end of the field, Anvelink was able to close in on the leader.

Caution flew with just six laps to go when Kyle Raddant cut a tire and slowed on the backstretch. Raddant was able to change the tire and rejoin the field, but the caution gave Springborn a clear track ahead of him, with Anvelink, Swedberg, Mueller and Justin Ritchie on his bumper as we went back to green.

Springborn held the advantage with the lead as Anvelink and Swedberg battled for second and Springborn was able to pull away little by little and cruised to his first WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victory. Anvelink finished second, followed by Mueller, Swedberg and Ritchie.

Luke Postl finished sixth followed by Justin Schmidt . Schmidt earned the $200 Hard Charger from The Pues Family, in honor of Joe Pues., for passing six cars.

Spring Thaw in Memory of Larry Colburn | 25 Laps 1. 81-Troy Springborn[3]; 2. 15-Nick Anvelink[6]; 3. 89-Brad Mueller[2]; 4. 3-Brett Swedberg[4]; 5. 70-Justin Ritchie[8]; 6. 5-
Luke Postl[5]; 7. 97-Justin Schmidt[12]; 8. 66-Ron Berna[11]; 9. 9N-Tom Naeyaert[7]; 10. D1-Turk Letizia[9]; 11. 55-Joe Bongiorno[14]; 12. 03-Kyle Raddant[10]; 13. 21F-Gunner Frank[15]; 14. 21-Todd Frank[1]; 15. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[13]; 16. 25-Paul Thorpe[18]; 17. 87-Adam Janke[19]; 18. 7-Joel Bennett[20]; 19. 27-Derek Janke[17]; 20. 21M-Shawn Miller[16]

Pro Power Racing Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 15-Nick Anvelink[1]; 2. 81-Troy Springborn[4]; 3. 70-Justin Ritchie[2]; 4. 66-Ron Berna[5]; 5. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[3]; 6. 21M Shawn Miller[7]; 7. 87-Adam Janke[6]

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat 2 8 Laps 1. 89-Brad Mueller[5]; 2. 3-Brett Swedberg[6]; 3. D1-Turk Letizia[3]; 4. 97-Justin Schmidt[2]; 5. 55-Joe Bongiorno[4]; 6. 27-Derek Janke[7]; 7. 7-Joel Bennett[1]

Wehrs Machine Heat 3 8 Laps 1. 21-Todd Frank[2]; 2. 5-Luke Postl[1]; 3. 03-Kyle Raddant[3]; 4. 9N-Tom Naeyaert[6]; 5. 21F-Gunner Frank[5]; 6. 25-Paul Thorpe[4]

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