Stars & Stripes 40


Jake is King!

Fountain City, WI - Jake Timm wins the WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Stars & Stripes 40 at Mississippi Thunder Speedway in Fountain City, WI and is crowned King in BMRE Electrick Carts Co. Victory Lane!
Timm was the Ken's Sports Inc. Pole Sitter, earning the pole position by virtue of the re-draw of the top six drivers. Timm drew the pole and led all 40 laps en route to his third WABAM Dirt Kings Late Model Tour victory.

The Stars & Stripes 40 was full of excitement and racing around the track as caution only slowed the field twice, once after completion of lap one as Todd Frank slowed in turn four after starting second and challenging for the lead. Timm maintained his lead on the restart with Jimmy Mars, Chad Mahder, James Giossi and Nick Panitzke in pursuit. Timm pulled away as Justin Ritchie worked his way to third and challenged Mars for second. As Timm began to work his way through the tail of the field, caution flew on lap 15 as Mahder came to a rest on the backstretch.

Timm pulled away to a full straightaway lead as Ritchie and Mars battled for the second spot. As Timm began to work his way through the tail of the field, Ritchie was able to close in on Timm as Ritchie worked the inside and Timm raced the high side. Timm went onto finish 2.98 seconds ahead of Ritchie, followed by Panitzke, Giossi, and Mars. Ron Berna was sixth, followed by Nick Anvelink, Turk Letizia, Kyle Raddant and Paul Parker.

Arcadia Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Stars & Stripes 40 (40 Laps): 1. 49-Jake Timm[1]; 2. 70-Justin Ritchie[10]; 3. 22-Nick Panitzke[6]; 4. 11-James Giossi[5]; 5. 28M-Jimmy Mars[3]; 6. 66-Ron Berna[14]; 7. 15-Nick Anvelink[9]; 8. D1-Turk Letizia[8]; 9. 03-Kyle Raddant[18]; 10. 10P-Paul Parker[7]; 11. 3-Brett Swedberg[20]; 12. 81-Troy Springborn[12]; 13. 19-Dustin Sorensen[11]; 14. 6-Jeff Massingill[19]; 15. 5-Luke Postl[15]; 16. 89-Brad Mueller[17]; 17. 10S-Taylor Scheffler[21]; 18. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[22]; 19. 7-Joel Bennett[24]; 20. 90-Lance Matthees[16]; 21. 55-Joe Bongiorno[23]; 22. 21F-Gunner Frank[13]; 23. 55M-Chad Mahder[4]; 24. 27-Derek Janke[25]; 25. 21-Todd Frank[2]

Pro Power Racing Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 49-Jake Timm[2]; 2. 70-Justin Ritchie[1]; 3. 19-Dustin Sorensen[4]; 4. 21F-Gunner Frank[3]; 5. 89-Brad Mueller[6]; 6. 10S-Taylor Scheffler[5]; 7. 27-Derek Janke[7]

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 28M-Jimmy Mars[5]; 2. 10P-Paul Parker[3]; 3. 22-Nick Panitzke[6]; 4. 66-Ron Berna[4]; 5. 03-Kyle Raddant[1]; 6. 9Z-Jayme Zidar[2]; 7. 7-Joel Bennett[7]

Wehrs Machine Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 21-Todd Frank[1]; 2. D1-Turk Letizia[3]; 3. 15-Nick Anvelink[5]; 4. 5-Luke Postl[2]; 5. 6-Jeff Massingill[4]; 6. (DNS) 7X-Jesse Glenz

WABAM Heat 4 (10 Laps): 1. 55M-Chad Mahder[3]; 2. 11-James Giossi[5]; 3. 81-Troy Springborn[2]; 4. 90-Lance Matthees[1]; 5. 3-Brett Swedberg[4]; 6. 55-Joe Bongiorno[6]


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