9/8/18 DiscountShopTowels.com 30 at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing


Mitch McGrath was crowned King of the DiscountShopTowels.com 30 at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing on September 8, 2018. McGrath was joined in Gary's Old Fashioned Mix Victory Lane with Michelle & Loren Vavricka from DiscountShopTowels.com.

Mitch is King!

Plymouth, WI - Mitch McGrath returned to the Gary's Old Fashioned Mix Victory Lane, as he led all 30 laps of the DiscountShopTowels.com 30 at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing to win the race and be crowned King. McGrath won his heat race and had the most passing points of the 28 cars on hand, earning him the first re-draw spot for position in the A-Main. McGrath pulled the lowest number, putting him on the pole for the A-Main. McGrath led from the beginning, pulling out ahead of Paul Parker, Brett Swedberg and Troy Springborn at the start. McGrath led the field to the restart on lap 10, when caution slowed the field for the first time for a spin in turn two. On the restart, McGrath pulled away from the field as Swedberg challenged Parker for second. McGrath had nearly a full straightaway lead on the field and was working with lapped traffic just before the red flag flew on lap 18 as Eric Michaels made contact with the tire in turn one and rolled his car, landing right-side up. Michaels was okay and the race resumed.

On the restart, McGrath led the field, only for the yellow to come out again, as Joel Bennett spun in turn three before a lap was completed. As the field returned to green, McGrath pulled away from Parker and Swedberg. Further back in the field, Nick Anvelink raced three wide with fellow Stockbridge Engineering Touring Kings drivers Mark Rose and Jim Schmidt and also with Josh Moesch and Joe Reuter, moving Anvelink to sixth position.

McGrath encountered lapped traffic with four laps to go but that didn’t slow him down as McGrath would go on to win his first DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race of 2018 and his second DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour win. McGrath won the Inaugural DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race at Oshkosh SpeedZone on May 25, 2017.

Parker would finish second, followed by Swedberg, Springborn, and Chris Engels in fifth. Anvelink would finish sixth, his lowest finish of the season, with Rose, Moesch, Reuter and Buhler rounding out the top ten.

The Stockbridge Engineering Touring Kings were all in action, with Brett Swedberg finishing third, Troy Springborn in fourth, Chris Engels in fifth, Nick Anvelink in sixth, Tim Buhler finished tenth, Jim Schmidt finished twelfth, Ron Berna was fourteenth, Justin Schmidt finished sixteenth, Jared Siefert was twentieth, and Diamond Jim Letizia finished ninth in the B-Main.

The Discount Shop Towels.com 30 was also the fourth and final round of the Seubert Summer Series. A series within a series, drivers at the the Seubert Calf Ranches Summer Series events earned both Championship points and Seubert Summer Series points at four different events this season. The four events that made up the Seubert Calf Ranches Summer Series were: May 25 at Spring Lake Speedway, July 1 at Eagle Valley Speedway, August 10 at Outagamie Speedway and September 8 at Plymouth, as TNT Speedway was rained out on September 2. The Seubert Summer Series has a $5,000 point fund, that is above and beyond the Championship Point Fund for the DiscountShopTowels.comDirt Kings Late Model Tour and will be distributed equally to the Top 15 drivers in the point standings.

The DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour has just two races left in the 2018 Kings of Clay Tour. Saturday, September 15, the Tour visits Wilmot Raceway for the Inaugural Jim "Wildman" Watson Classic. The race will pay $2000 to win, as Allied Resource Recovery is sponsoring the event. The Crowning of the King will conclude the season on Thursday, September 27 at 141 Speedway.

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DiscountShopTowels.com - 30 laps Result
P1: 74m - Mitch McGrath
P2: 10p - Paul Parker
P3: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P4: 81 - Troy Springborn
P5: 33e - Chris Engels
P6: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P7: 0r - Mark Rose
P8: 17m - Josh Moesch
P9: 20 - Joe Reuter
P10: 7b - Tim Buhler
P11: 7 - Joel Bennett
P12: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P13: d1 - Turk Letizia
P14: 66 - Ron Berna
P15: 95w - Aaron Wickersheim
P16: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P17: 98 - Tom Naeyaert
P18: 54 - Kevin Baldry
P19: 57m - Eric Michaels
P20: 25 - Jared Siefert

Discount Shop Towels 12-Lap B-Main
P1: 0r - Mark Rose
P2: 7b - Tim Buhler
P3: 95w - Aaron Wickersheim
P4: 22 - Charlie Schmidt
P5: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P6: 8r - Bill Rezutek
P7: 55 - Joe Bongiorno
P8: 11 - Justin Reed
P9: d7 - Jim Letizia
P10: 52 - Ron Bomber
P11: 27 - Derek Janke

Heat Race #1 sponsored by Pro Power Racing Result
P1: 74m - Mitch McGrath
P2: 98 - Tom Naeyaert
P3: d1 - Turk Letizia
P4: 54 - Kevin Baldry
P5: 7b - Tim Buhler
P6: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P7: 11 - Justin Reed

Heat Race #2 sponsored by Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems Result
P1: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P2: 10p - Paul Parker
P3: 33e - Chris Engels
P4: 66 - Ron Berna
P5: d7 - Jim Letizia
P6: 8r - Bill Rezutek
P7: 15s - Taylor Scheffler (Did not start)

Heat Race #3 sponsored by Londerville Steel Result
P1: 81 - Troy Springborn
P2: 17m - Josh Moesch
P3: 57m - Eric Michaels
P4: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P5: 95w - Aaron Wickersheim
P6: 55 - Joe Bongiorno
P7: 52 - Ron Bomber

Heat Race #4 sponsored by DiscountShopTowels.com Result
P1: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P2: 7 - Joel Bennett
P3: 20 - Joe Reuter
P4: 25 - Jared Siefert
P5: 0r - Mark Rose
P6: 27 - Derek Janke
P7: 22 - Charlie Schmidt

Results generated by RacePal

Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award: Mark Rose
Amsoil/ Freedom Synthetics: Joe Reuter
Behling Racing Products Certificate: Chris Engels
Wehrs Machine Certificate: Mitch McGrath
Autometer Certificate:Mitch McGrath
Wilwood Lucky 13: Turk Letizia
Real Racing Wheels Hard Luck Award: Taylor Scheffler
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Certificate: Nick Anvelink
Station 2 Cash: Diamond Jim Letizia