Dennis Erb Jr. is King of the Inaugural Dairyland Duel!

Wilmot, Wisconsin - Dennis Erb Jr. inherited the lead from Brian Shirley with 20 laps to go in the 50-lap Dairyland Duel at Wilmot Raceway, co-sanctioned by the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour and the American Ethanol Late Model Tour. Shirley started the race in third as Ron Berna and Travis Stemler led the field to the green flag. Stemler led the first couple laps, until Shirley made a move to the outside coming out of turn two. Shirley pulled away from the rest of the field and started to catch the tail end of the 24-car field. Just past the halfway point, Shirley spun with a lapped car coming out of turn two bringing out the first caution of the race. Shirley was sent to the rear and Erb Jr. inherited the lead. Erb Jr. led the field to the green flag with 20 laps remaining. Jared Siefert, Ron Berna, Brandon Thirlby and Spencer Diercks rounded out the top five for the restart. Caution would slow the field just one lap later for another incident on the backstretch. With 19 laps remaining, Erb Jr. continued to lead and went on to win the race. Siefert and Berna battled for second place but neither of them were able to mount a challenge to Erb Jr. Siefert went on to finish second, with Berna in third, followed by Nick Anvelink and Diercks.

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Dairyland Duel A-Main Results
1 - Dennis Erb Jr.
2 - Jared Siefert
3 - Ron Berna
4 - Nick Anvelink
5 - Spencer Diercks
6 - Brandon Thirlby
7 - Brian Shirley
8 - Taylor Scheffler
9 - Travis Stemler
10 - Paul Parker
11 - Brad Mueller
12 - David Mielke
13 - Eric Spangler
14 - Jim Schmidt
15 - Kevin Reeve
16 - Joe Bongiorno
17 - Mark Rose
18 - Tim Buhler
19 - Turk Letizia
20 - Jim Letizia
21 - Chris Engels
22 - Rich Bell
23 - Logan Arntz
24 - Nick Kurtz

B-Main 1 Results
1 - Logan Arntz
2 - Kevin Reeve
3 - Jason Plater Jr.
4 - Rick Scheffler
5 - Scott Fisk
6 - Bill Rezutek
7 - Gregg Haskell
8 - Brad Mann
9 - Nick Kurtz
10 - Ron Stroika
11 - Justin Schmidt

B-Main 2 Results
1 - Mark Rose
2 - Eric Spangler
3 - Dan Schlieper
4 - Mitch McGrath
5 - Turk Letizia
6 - David Mielke
7 - Justin Reed
8 - Phil Ausra
9 - Zack Kessler
10 - Jim Letizia
11 - Victor Benedetto
12 - Brett Swedberg


Nick is King!

Seymour, Wisconsin - Nick Anvelink returned to the Gary's Old Fashioned Mix Victory Lane at Outagamie Speedway powered by EWSC Racing in the Summer Sizzler. Sport-O-Motive of Appleton sponsored the 30-lap race, increasing the starting pay for the 20-car field. Anvelink started seventh, as Brett Swedberg and Ron Berna led the field to the green flag. Swedberg took the lead as Tim Buhler battled with Berna for second. By lap five, Swedberg had a sizable lead and Anvelink had worked his way to fifth position. Anvelink raced outside of Berna in turn three to third position on lap seven. Lapped traffic allowed Buhler and Anvelink to close in on Swedberg, as Anvelink moved to second on lap thirteen. Anvelink raced outside of Swedberg to take the lead on lap twenty and caution slowed the field one lap later as Swedberg and Josh Moesch made contact on the backstretch.

On the restart, Anvelink led Buhler, Berna, Jim Schmidt and Chris Engels to the green flag. Caution slowed the field again for an incident in turn three before the lap was completed. Anvelink jumped out to the lead again on lap 21, as Justin Schmidt worked the outside to race with Engels for fifth. Anvelink went on to win his fifth race of the 2018 Dirt Kings Late Model Tour season. Berna finished second, followed by Buhler, Jim Schmidt, and Engels. Joe Reuter was the Allstar Hard Charger of the event, Reuter passing eight cars enroute to a ninth place finish.

The race was also broadcast live on as part of their Summer Thunder Series. Premium members have access to the replay and highlights and replays of other events from the 2018 Discount Shop Dirt Kings Tour season.

The Stockbridge Engineering Touring Kings swept the top six positions, Nick Anvelink was King, Ron Berna finished second, Tim Buhler finished third, Jim Schmidt was fourth, Chris Engels was fifth, and Justin Schmidt finished sixth. Brett Swedberg finished tenth and Troy Springborn finished 19th.

Fans were casting the very first votes for the 2018 Most Popular Driver Award, presented by HobbyTown USA Green Bay. Fans can vote at the track by visiting the Dirt Kings Tour Fan Zone and online voting will begin in September.

The Dirt Kings Late Model Tour returns to action on Friday, August 17 at Wilmot Raceway for the Dairyland Duel. The 50-lap race is being co-sanctioned with the American Ethanol Late Model Tour, marking the first time drivers from the two Tours will race head-to-head. $4000 awaits the King in the Gary’s Old Fashioned Mix Victory Lane.

Summer Sizzler - 30 lap A-Main Results

P1: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P2: 66 - Ron Berna
P3: 7b - Tim Buhler
P4: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P5: 33e - Chris Engels
P6: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P7: d1 - Turk Letizia
P8: 0r - Mark Rose
P9: 20 - Joe Reuter
P10: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P11: 98 - Tom Naeyaert
P12: 1 - Dave Fieber
P13: 22 - Charlie Schmidt
P14: 25 - Tyler Hacket
P15: 11 - Justin Reed
P16: 33s - Ron Stroika
P17: 5 - Lukas Postl
P18: 17m - Josh Moesch
P19: 81 - Troy Springborn
P20: 27 - Derek Janke

Heat Race #1 sponsored by Pro Power Racing Result
P1: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P2: 0r - Mark Rose
P3: 98 - Tom Naeyaert
P4: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P5: 20 - Joe Reuter
P6: 52 - Ron Bomber

Heat Race #2 sponsored by Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems Result
P1: 33e - Chris Engels
P2: 1 - Dave Fieber
P3: 22 - Charlie Schmidt
P4: 5 - Lukas Postl
P5: 33s - Ron Stroika
P6: 16 - Zack Kessler

Heat Race #3 sponsored by Londerville Steel Result
P1: 66 - Ron Berna
P2: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P3: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P4: 11 - Justin Reed
P5: 81 - Troy Springborn
P6: 27 - Derek Janke

Heat Race #4 sponsored by Result
P1: 7b - Tim Buhler
P2: d1 - Turk Letizia
P3: 17m - Josh Moesch
P4: 25 - Tyler Hacket
P5: 99r - Aaron Reivitis
P6: 45 - Scott Blanke

Results generated by RacePal

Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award: Joe Reuter
Amsoil/ Freedom Synthetics: Turk Letizia
Behling Racing Products Certificate: Nick Anvelink
Wehrs Machine Certificate: Ron Berna
Autometer Certificate: Nick Anvelink
Wilwood Lucky 13: Charlie Schmidt
Real Racing Wheels Hard Luck Award: Brett Swedberg
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Certificate: Joe Bongiorno
Station 2 Cash: Zack Kessler


2018 Point fund announced!

Freedom, WI - July 23, 2018 - The 2018 Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Point Fund will payout $21,300 in cash this season. In addition to cash prizes, many sponsors have also contributed contingency prizes to be awarded at the end of the season, too. ...

"The point fund is more than 30% larger than last year and that is directly due to the partnerships we have with our sponsors," said Sandy Shultz, Dirt Kings Tour Promoter. In addition to the title sponsor, Discount Shop Towels, Shultz credits Pro Power Racing Engines, Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems, and Londerville Steel for contributing cash to the 2018 point fund.

To be eligible for the point fund, drivers must compete in 75% of the 2018 Dirt Kings Late Model Tour scheduled races.

The Dirt Kings Late Model Tour brings high energy entertainment that captivates fans as drivers compete for the title of King, while battling side-by-side lap after lap. The Tour is the fastest growing dirt series in the Midwest. In the Tour's inaugural season, more than 23,000 fans packed their local dirt tracks to support their favorite driver and find out who is King. In 2018, the Tour will sanction 14 events at 10 venues. More information about the Dirt Kings Tour is available at


Nick is King!

Nick Anvelink powered to his fourth win of the 2018 Dirt Kings Late Model Tour season at the Dodge County Fairgrounds Speedway. Avenlink started the 25-lap Mid-Summer Showdown from fourth position, as Jim Schmidt and Brett Swedberg led the field to the green flag. Swedberg had the advantage on the first lap over Schmidt as the two cars raced side-by-side coming out of turn two. Swedberg held the lead as Anvelink worked outside of Schmidt for second position on lap three. Anvelink grabbed the top spot just one lap later as he battled with Swedberg for position at the line.

By lap eight, cars were spread out around the Horsepower Half-Mile, allowing Anvelink to catch the end of the field and begin lapping. The lapped traffic allowed Anvelink to pull away from Swedberg, Schmidt and Jared Siefert.

Caution slowed the field just past halfway, for Joe Reuter, who had stopped on the track in turn four. On the restart, Anvelink jumped out to the lead as Siefert passed Swedberg for second position and tried to make a run on Anvelink.

Anvelink was able to hold off Siefert for the win. Swedberg finished third, followed by Schmidt, Justin Schmidt, Mark Rose, Tim Buhler, Troy Springborn, Chris Engels and Ron Stroika.

The Stockbridge Engineering Touring Kings were all in attendance for the Mid-Summer Showdown. Anvelink took the win with Siefert in second, Swedberg finished third, Schmidt was fourth, Justin Schmidt finished fifth. Buhler finished seventh, Troy Springborn was eighth, Chris Engels finished ninth, Diamond Jim Letizia finished fifteenth, and Ron Berna finished seventeenth.

Mid-Summer Showdown A-Main -25 Lap Result

P1: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P2: 25 - Jared Siefert
P3: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P4: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P5: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P6: 0r - Mark Rose
P7: 7b - Tim Buhler
P8: 81 - Troy Springborn
P9: 33e - Chris Engels
P10: 33s - Ron Stroika
P11: 20 - Joe Reuter
P12: 8r - Bill Rezutek
P13: 16 - Zack Kessler
P14: d1 - Turk Letizia
P15: d7 - Jim Letizia
P16: 27 - Derek Janke
P17: 66 - Ron Berna

Heat Race #1 sponsored by Pro Power Racing Result
P1: 15 - Nick Anvelink�
P2: 7b - Tim Buhler
�P3: d1 - Turk Letizia�
P4: 27 - Derek Janke�
P5: 20 - Joe Reuter
�P6: 8r - Bill Rezutek

Heat Race #2 sponsored by Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems Result
P1: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P2: 66 - Ron Berna
P3: 25 - Jared Siefert
P4: 0r - Mark Rose
P5: 33s - Ron Stroika
P6: 33e - Chris Engels

Heat Race #3 sponsored by Londerville Steel Result
P1: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P2: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P3: d7 - Jim Letizia
P4: 16 - Zack Kessler
P5: 81 - Troy Springborn

Results generated by RacePal

Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award: Chris Engels
Amsoil/ Freedom Synthetics: Chris Engels
Behling Racing Products Certificate: Jared Siefert
Wehrs Machine Certificate: Jim Schmidt
Autometer Certificate: Nick Anvelink
Wilwood Lucky 13: Zack Kessler
Real Racing Wheels Hard Luck Award: Derek Janke
Keizer Aluminum Wheels Certificate: Tim Buhler
Tire Raffle: Ron Stroika

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