About Dirt Kings Late Model Tour

About The Dirt Kings Tour

The Dirt Kings Late Model Tour is one of the fastest growing racing series in the nation.  Since inception in 2017, the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour has held 31 races, traveling across the state of Wisconsin.  100 different drivers have competed for the title of King and 14 different drivers have succeeded.  With an average of 26 cars per race, fans flock to the track to watch an exciting race with side-by-side battles from start to finish.  An average Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race draws 2,500 fans and at many tracks, the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour is their highest attended race of the season.   

During the nine events of the 2017 season, the Tour visited eight different dirt tracks across the state of Wisconsin.  58 different drivers competed for the title of King and six succeeded, with an average of 28 cars per race.  

The sophomore season of the Dirt Kings Tour was compromised of twelve races at nine different dirt tracks.  60 different drivers competed for the title of King and six succeeded, with an average of 27 cars per race.  

In 2019, the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour had 11 races at 8 tracks, raced 346 laps, and crowned 6 different Kings. 62 drivers raced the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour throughout the season.  Eight events were broadcast live on Dirt Race Central, SpeedShift TV and Speed51.com.  People watching online aren't just located in Wisconsin, in fact, they are scattered around the country and around the world!  While most of our fans are from the Midwest and the United States, we do have some loyal followers from Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, and Europe. 

Dirt Kings Tour shirts are selling out at the track and the fan response continues to be incredible.  

The Tour is active on social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, bringing the Dirt Kings Tour brand to new fans and reaching new markets.  More than 2,000,000 fans interacted with the Tour on social media last year.

In addition to social media and website reach, the Tour receives national media coverage from Dirt On Dirt, Speed 51, Dirt Race Central, SpeedShift TV and Dirt Late Model Magazine bringing tremendous brand recognition and exposure to the companies that partner with the Dirt Kings Tour.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

About the Promoters

Jason Shultz

Owner, Promoter

Growing up in Kansas City, Jason spent summer nights at the race track with his family.  Family vacations would involve visiting tracks across the Midwest to watch racing.  As soon as he was old enough, Jason joined a pit crew with his dad at a local track.  In college, Jason worked for a team that raced the NASCAR Midwest Series.  At his first NASCAR race in 2001, Jason met his future wife, Sandy, who worked for the series.  Jason continued to travel with the team through college and upon graduation, moved to Freedom, Wisconsin, to be near Sandy.  Jason switched from being a pit crew member to a tech inspector and worked for the NASCAR Midwest Series and began to help his future father-in-law, Bob Abitz, as a tech inspector at local race tracks in Wisconsin.  

Jason continued his work as a tech inspector after the NASCAR Midwest Tour closed, working with several other tracks in the state of Wisconsin, and what is now the ARCA Midwest Tour.  Traveling the tour took him away from his daughter, so Jason focused on local racing at the end of 2008, and started his own graphic design business, focusing on motorsports photography.

Jason started working with the FASTRAK dirt late models in 2009 and worked with area dirt tracks as a tech inspector.   Jason also worked for the Wisconsin Dirt Late Model Association (WDLMA) and Lucky 7 Series as a tech inspector and race director.  

Jason is a certified licensed drone pilot and expanded his design photography business to include apparel design and race car graphics.

At the end of the 2016 season, Jason knew the timing was right to start a new dirt late model series.  "I'm still not sure how I convinced her that starting a series was a good idea.  Sandy was perfectly happy staying at home with Katelynn while I was at the track.  We both love racing and we wanted to build up dirt late model racing in Wisconsin."  After discussion with the board of the WDLMA, Jason led the effort to found the Dirt Kings Tour and carry on the legacy of dirt late model racing in Wisconsin.

Sandy Abitz Shultz

Owner, Promoter

Sandy has been involved in auto racing her whole life.  As a young child, Sandy helped her dad, Bob Abitz,  work on his race car, handing him wrenches and helping to change engines.  Sandy worked selling concessions and souvenirs at the race track before she was old enough to be in the pit area.  By age 12, Sandy had convinced her mom to let her travel with her Dad to the tracks on a weekly basis.  Sandy worked three nights a week as a tech inspector with her dad at several tracks in Wisconsin.  While in high school, Sandy started working in public relations, writing press releases and began writing a column in The Checkered Flag Racing News.  In addition to working at the weekly tracks, she traveled the Midwest with the ARTGO Challenge Series (through 1997) and worked for the NASCAR Midwest Tour from 1998-2006.  

It was at a NASCAR Midwest Tour race in 2001, that Sandy met her future husband, Jason, who was working for a team from Kansas City, and the two married in 2004.

After the NASCAR Midwest Tour ended, Sandy continued to be involved with auto racing, working mostly in public relations and took a short break from the track when she stayed home to care for their daughter, Katelynn.  

Sandy has worked as a tech inspector, scorer, in marketing and public relations, and day to day race operations for the past 28 years.  

Sandy's diverse background as a tech inspector, scorer, working in marketing and public relations, and day to day race operations equipped her to be interested in starting the Dirt Kings Tour.

Both Sandy, and her husband, Jason, saw an opportunity at the end of the 2016 season to create a dirt late model series that would complement the two weekly tracks at Shawano Speedway and Plymouth Dirt Track Racing, and bring in late models from across the Midwest.  

"It was our vision to build a dirt late model series that would feature competitive racing and create a following and community of fans for dirt late model racing."  In addition to managing the social media accounts for Dirt Kings Tour, Sandy takes care of the administration of the Tour.  

Sandy joined the International Women's Motorsports Association in 2019 and became an Ambassador for the IWMA in January 2020.  IWMA is a membership based group that celebrates and connects women in racing.