About Dirt Kings Late Model Tour

The Dirt Kings Late Model Tour is a professional racing series based in Wisconsin. In its inaugural season the series will reach fans in most of the major markets in Wisconsin.  The Tour will bring high energy entertainment that will captivate fans and build recognition for the series and its sponsors.  In 2017, the Tour will sanction between 8 and 12 events at 7-10 venues. Typical attendance for each event is between 20 and 25 competitors and 2500 to 5000 people in total attendance.

Dirt Kings Late Model Tour features dirt late model style racecars. The cars are powered by V8 naturally aspirated engines that produce as much as 800 or more horsepower. The cars have a primarily metal body with straight panels and high grade plastic from Five Star Race Car Bodies.  The Tour races exclusively on Hoosier Racing tires.  Nothing on these machines is native to a modern production car.  Entirely purpose built with high performance parts, the cars are designed to slide the rear end around corners and maximize suspension performance to grip the dirt surface they race on.

Teams competing in the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour will be working to earn a portion of the growing series point fund as well the minimum $1200 prize for the winner of each feature race. Events will be structured with heat races, a six car “fast dash” and a feature race.  Drivers competing in Dirt Kings Tour events can expect highly competitive events with a rules package similar to most national tours.  Multiple tire compounds of Hoosier racing tires will be legal for every event.  Teams will have options to use engines packages in line with the track rules in the region as well as national series.

For more information about the Dirt Kings Late Model Tour please email