2019 Round 10

Nick is King!

September 7, 2019 - Wilmot, WI - Taylor Scheffler and Mark Rose led the 24-car field to the green flag of the 2nd Annual DiscountShopTowels.comDirt Kings Late Model Tour Jim Wildman Watson Classic at Wilmot Raceway. McGrath passed Scheffler for the lead on the inside of turn three on the first lap. McGrath continued to lead the race as Anvelink and Justin Schmidt battled for second. Caution slowed the field on lap 15, when Brad Mueller slowed in turn three. On the restart, McGrath, Schmidt and Anvelink pulled away from the rest of the field. Schmidt and Avenlink battled for second position but with ten laps to go, Anvelink passed Schmidt for second place. Caution slowed the field with three laps to go as Justin Reed spun in turn two.

On the restart, McGrath led the field to the green flag with Anvelink diving to the inside in turn two with Rose and Scheffler close behind. Caution slowed the field one more time for an incident in turn two. On the final restart of the night, McGrath led the field to the green flag with Anvelink diving to the inside as they entered turn one. Avenlink made the pass as they raced down the backstretch, with McGrath in pursuit. Anvelink held on to win his fifth DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race of the season and returned to Mueller's Sales & Service Victory Lane. Rose finished third followed by Scheffler and Brett Swedberg.

Brittany Watson, Jim's daughter was in the Mueller's Sales & Service Victory Lane to present the trophy to Nick Anvelink after the race. John Burnside designed the custom trophy, courtesy of Behling Racing Equipment and Impact Helmets.

The Brent Family sponsored the W1ld heat races with Mark Rose, Mitch McGrath and Nick Anvelink taking the win in their respective heat races, taking home an additional $50 from The Brent Family. Brett Swedberg won the Redline Web Design Hard Charger Award for $100 and a commemorative trophy by advancing ten positions in the 30-lap event.

Justin Ritchie took home the Sunoco Rookie of the Race Award, finishing eighth.

Jim "W1ldman" Watson Classic!
P1: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P2: 74m - Mitch McGrath
P3: 0r - Mark Rose
P4: 10s - Taylor Scheffler
P5: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P6: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P7: 7 - Joel Bennett
P8: 70 - Justin Ritchie
P9: d1 - Turk Letizia
P10: 14 - Victor Benedetto
P11: 79 - Jim Schmidt
P12: 13 - David Jaeger
P13: 7b - Tim Buhler
P14: 33s - Ron Stroika
P15: 03 - Dan White
P16: d7 - Jim Letizia
P17: 117 - Jim Juneau
P18: 27 - Derek Janke
P19: 03 - Kyle Raddant
P20: 11 - Justin Reed
P21: 66 - Ron Berna
P22: 89 - Brad Mueller
P23: 81 - Troy Springborn
P24: 33e - Chris Engels

Heat Race #1 sponsored by Pro Power Racing
P1: 0r - Mark Rose
P2: 11 - Justin Reed
P3: 7 - Joel Bennett
P4: 70 - Justin Ritchie
P5: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P6: 13 - David Jaeger
P7: 27 - Derek Janke
P8: d7 - Jim Letizia

Heat Race #2 sponsored by Mueller's Sales & Service
P1: 74m - Mitch McGrath
P2: 10s - Taylor Scheffler
P3: 66 - Ron Berna
P4: 7b - Tim Buhler
P5: d1 - Turk Letizia
P6: 14 - Victor Benedetto
P7: 79 - Jim Schmidt
P8: 33e - Chris Engels

Heat Race #3 sponsored by Londerville Steel
P1: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P2: 97 - Justin Schmidt
P3: 81 - Troy Springborn
P4: 03 - Kyle Raddant
P5: 89 - Brad Mueller
P6: 03 - Dan White
P7: 33s - Ron Stroika
P8: 117 - Jim Juneau
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