6/21/20 Father’s Day 30 at Wilmot Raceway


Mitch McGrath was crowned King of the DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Father's Day 30 at Wilmot Raceway on Sunday, June 21, 2020, his seventh visit to the Mueller's Sales & Service Victory Lane.

Mitch is King!

Wilmot, WI – For the seventh time in DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour history, Mitch McGrath was crowned King in the Mueller's Sales & Services Victory Lane. McGrath started the 30-lap Father’s Day A-Main from the sixth position, advancing to the lead on lap nineteen. Troy Springborn and Gunner Frank led the 23-car field to the green flag. Springborn jumped out to the early lead with Brett Swedberg right behind him. McGrath passed Frank on the inside for the third spot on lap five. Springborn started to work his way through the tail end of the field just a few laps later with caution slowing the field on lap fourteen.

On the restart, Springborn led the field while McGrath took second position away from Swedberg as they worked through turns one and two. Swedberg battled with McGrath for a couple laps, before McGrath set his sights on the leader. McGrath dove inside Springborn as the two raced into turn one, with McGrath prevailing on the inside, with Swedberg and Justin Ritchie following.

Ritchie took the second position away from Springborn just before the caution came out with just seven laps to go. On the restart, while McGrath led the field to the green flag with Ritchie following , it was Justin Reed who made a 3-wide pass through the middle of Swedberg and Springborn as they exited turn two to advance to the third position. Ritchie was on McGrath’s bumper for for the next lap before McGrath was able to pull away to 1.33 second margin of victory over Ritchie. Reed finished third, followed by Springborn and Swedberg. Ron Berna was sixth followed by Frank, Turk Letizia, Kyle Raddant and Ron Stroika.

A Main Finish - Father's Day 30
1 74m Mitch McGrath
2 70 Justin Ritchie
3 11jr Justin Reed
4 81 Troy Springborn
5 3 Brett Swedberg
6 66 Ron Berna
7 21f Gunner Frank
8 d1 Turk Letizia
9 03r Kyle Raddant
10 33s Ron Stroika
11 7 Joel Bennett
12 01jr Greg Cantrell
13 0r Mark Rose
14 03 Dan White
15 95w Aaron Wickersheim
16 44w David Webster
17 36 Matthew Schultz
18 117x Adrian Roscelli
19 7b Tim Buhler
20 21sr Ted Dolhun Sr.
21 14b Victor Benedetto
22 27dj Derek Janke
23 10s Taylor Scheffler

Heat 1 - Pro Power Racing Engines - Results
1 10s Taylor Scheffler
2 70 Justin Ritchie
3 11jr Justin Reed
4 3 Brett Swedberg
5 03r Kyle Raddant
6 7 Joel Bennett
7 21sr Ted Dolhun Sr.
8 117x Adrian Roscelli

Heat 2 - Mueller's Sales & Service - Results
1 81 Troy Springborn
2 0r Mark Rose
3 66 Ron Berna
4 03 Dan White
5 33s Ron Stroika
6 95w Aaron Wickersheim
7 14b Victor Benedetto
8 36 Matthew Schultz

Heat 3 - Wehrs Machine & Racing Products - Results
1 21f Gunner Frank
2 74m Mitch McGrath
3 d1 Turk Letizia
4 7b Tim Buhler
5 27dj Derek Janke
6 44w David Webster
7 01jr Greg Cantrell