7/2/2020 Firecracker 40 at Mississippi Thunder Speedway


John Kaanta is crowned King in the Mueller's Sales & Service Victory Lane after winning the DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Firecracker 40 at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

John is King!

Fountain City, WI - John Kaanta was crowned King of the DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race in Mueller’s Sales & Service Victory Lane at Mississippi Thunder Speedway for Night 1 of the Firecracker 40. Kaanta won his heat race and was in the top 6 in passing points, and redrew the pole for the 40-lap $5000-to-win Firecracker 40. Sam Mars took the early lead, starting outside of the front row as Mars and Kaanta battled side-by-side for the lead. Troy Springborn made it three wide, with Mars on the inside and Kaanta on the outside as they raced through turn two. Springborn took the lead from Mars as Taylor Scheffler moved to the third. Kaanta battled with Springborn for the lead, eventually passing for the position on lap seven.

Caution slowed the field after the completion of lap eight as Justin Reed got into the wall in turn three. On the restart, Kaanta led the field to the green flag with Scheffler racing to the inside of Springborn for second place with Mars, Tim Isenberg, Justin Ritchie and Jesse Glenz rounding out the top five.

Springborn battled to the inside of Kaanta for the lead with Isenberg in third and Lance Matthees in fourth. At the halfway point, Springborn took the lead with Kaanta on the outside. Kaanta regained the lead on lap 22, when caution slowed the field as Scheffler spun making a pass for the lead as he raced to the inside of Springborn and Kaanta in turn four. On the restart, Kaanta pulled away from the field with Springborn, Matthees, Ryan Unzincker and Isenberg leading the pack.

Caution slowed the field a few more times, before Kaanta pulled away on the restart with just six laps remaining. Isenberg regained second position, diving to the inside of Springborn. Kaanta finished .532 seconds ahead of Isenberg with Springborn, Ron Berna, and Unzicker rounding out the top five.

Jake Timm finished sixth, followed by Reed, Ritchie, Glenz and Matthees.

The DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour returns to Mississippi Thunder Speedway for Night 2 of the Firecracker 40 on Friday, July 3.

Mueller's Sales and Service
Bravo Trailers LLC
Discount Shop Towels
Firecracker 40 - Night 1

A Main Finish - Firecracker 40 - Night 1
1 85 John Kaanta
2 9t Tim Isenberg
3 81 Troy Springborn
4 66 Ron Berna
5 24 Ryan Unzicker
6 49 Jake Timm
7 11jr Justin Reed
8 70 Justin Ritchie
9 7x Jesse Glenz
10 90 Lance Mathees
11 3 Brett Swedberg
12 97 Justin Schmidt
13 0r Mark Rose
14 d1 Turk Letizia
15 28 Sam Mars
16 27j Jake Redetzke
17 F19 Marshall Fegers
18 33e Chris Engels
19 10s Taylor Scheffler
20 21f Gunner Frank
21 19 Dustin Sorensen
22 03r Kyle Raddant
23 519 Steve Laursen
24 74 Mitch McGrath

Kirkpatrick Law Office B Main #1 Results
1 74 Mitch McGrath
2 519 Steve Laursen
3 66 Ron Bera
4 97 Justin Schmidt
5 21f Gunner Frank
6 25 Jared Siefert
7 99 Mike Mullen
8 d1 Turk Letiza
9 95w Aaron Wickersheim
10 21 Todd Frank
11 22 Daniel Hilsabeck
12 5 Lukas Postl

Heat 1 - Pro Power Racing Engines - Results
1 85 John Kaanta
2 24 Ryan Unzicker
3 7x Jesse Glenz
4 19 Dustin Sorensen
5 519 Steve Laursen
6 13j David Jaeger
7 25 Jared Siefert
8 27dj Derek Janke
9 55c Chad Mahder

Heat 2 - Mueller's Sales & Service - Results
1 11jr Justin Reed
2 28 Sam Mars
3 70 Justin Ritchie
4 F19 Marshall Fegers
5 7 Joel Bennett
6 0r Mark Rose
7 21 Todd Frank
8 d1 Turk Letizia
9 95w Aaron Wickersheim

Heat 3 - Wehrs Machine & Racing Products - Results
1 10s Taylor Scheffler
2 3 Brett Swedberg
3 49 Jake Timm
4 27j Jake Redetzke
5 74m Mitch McGrath
6 66 Ron Berna
7 21f Gunner Frank
8 99 Mike Mullen

Heat 4 - DiscountShopTowels.com - Results
1 90 Lance Mathees
2 81 Troy Springborn
3 9t Tim Isenberg
4 03r Kyle Raddant
5 33e Chris Engels
6 97 Justin Schmidt
7 5 Lukas Postl
8 22d Daniel Hilsabeck