7/9/2021 Firecracker 40


Rodney Sanders was crowned King in Mueller's Sales & Service Victory Lane at Mississippi Thunder Speedway. Sanders was joined by his crew and Dirt Kings Tour sponsors Matthew and Heather Kirkpatrick from Kirkpatrick Law Office.

Rodney Sanders is King!

Fountain City, WI - Rodney Sanders was crowned King of the DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour Firecracker 40 at Mississippi Thunder Speedway in Mueller's Sales & Service Victory Lane. Sanders won his heat race and started on the pole of the 40-lap Firecracker 40, after the redraw. Sanders and Jesse Glenz led the field to the green flag with Sanders taking the lead on the backstretch on lap one. Jake Timm advanced to second spot as he drove to the inside of Glenz in turn one and set his sights on Sanders. Sanders was closing in on the back of the field with Timm, Taylor Scheffler, Dustin Sorensen, and Glenz rounding out the top five. Caution slowed the race when Scheffler spun in turn two, setting up the restart on lap twelve, where James Giossi passed Ron Berna for fifth position. Sanders continued to pace the field, pulling ahead to a half-straightaway lead as he started to reach the tail end of the field.

Sanders and Timm were racing for the lead down the backstretch while the tail end of the field was racing three-wide in front of them. As they raced through turns three and four, Timm raced to the inside of Sanders and as they got to the start finish line, Timm made contact with another car and he flipped down the front stretch, coming to a rest past the start finish line, bringing out the red flag. Timm was able to walk away from the accident but was unable to continue. On the restart, Sanders pulled away from Glenz, with Sorensen and Giossi and Berna rounding out the top five. Caution slowed the race one final time on lap thirty when Turk Letizia spun in turn two. On the final restart, Sanders continued to lead with Giossi looking to the inside of Glenz, but Glenz was able to hold on to second.

Sanders was able to hold off Glenz, who finished second, followed by Giossi, Brett Swedberg, and Berna.

A Main Official Finish - Firecracker 40
1 20s Rodney Sanders
2 7x Jesse Glenz
3 11 James Giossi
4 3 Brett Swedberg
5 66 Ron Berna
6 10s Taylor Scheffler
7 7 Joel Bennett
8 21 Todd Frank
9 15 Nick Anvelink
10 85 John Kaanta
11 6m Jeff Massingill
12 03r Kyle Raddant
13 70 Justin Ritchie
14 27j Jake Redetzke
15 90M Lance Mathees
16 5 Lukas Postl
17 d1 Turk Letizia
18 9z Jayme Zidar
19 95w Aaron Wickersheim
20 19 Dustin Sorensen
21 49 Jake Timm
22 97 Justin Schmidt
23 21f Gunner Frank
24 9t Tim Isenberg
25 25 Jared Siefert
26 81 Troy Springborn

Heat 1 - Pro Power Racing Engines - Results
1 20s Rodney Sanders
2 49 Jake Timm
3 66 Ron Berna
4 5 Lukas Postl
5 11 James Giossi
6 d1 Turk Letizia
7 95w Aaron Wickersheim

Heat 2 - Mueller's Sales & Service - Results
1 10s Taylor Scheffler
2 7x Jesse Glenz
3 15 Nick Anvelink
4 3 Brett Swedberg
5 9t Tim Isenberg
6 85 John Kaanta
7 70 Justin Ritchie
8 21 Todd Frank
9 9z Jayme Zidar

Heat 3 - Wehrs Machine & Racing Products - Results
1 19 Dustin Sorensen
2 7 Joel Bennett
3 03r Kyle Raddant
4 90M Lance Mathees
5 27j Jake Redetzke
6 97 Justin Schmidt
7 21f Gunner Frank
8 6m Jeff Massingill
9 25 Jared Siefert