Race 7 Results


Jimmy Mars was crowned King of the DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour race a Plymouth Dirt Track Racing on Monday, July 31, 2017.  Mars is joined by Dirt Kings Tour Promoters Jason, Katelynn and Sandy Shultz.

Jimmy Mars is King at Plymouth

Monday, July 31, 2017 - Jimmy Mars wins #round7 of the DiscountShopTowels.com Dirt Kings Late Model Tour at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing. Mars started the 50-lap A-Main outside row 2, while Jason Feger took the early lead. Feger and Brian Shirley battled for the lead in the early laps, but in a three-wide battle on lap 19, Mars ascended to the lead. Mars and Feger exchanged the lead five different times, as Shirley continued to battle with them, with point leader Nick Anvelink in fourth.

Mars took the lead back from Feger on lap 35, leading the final 16 laps enroute to a $4000 payday. Shirley finished 1.46 seconds behind Mars in second position, followed by Feger, Anvelink and Tyler Erb in fifth.

All but one car finished the 50-lap race - with no cautions to slow the event.

Special Thanks to Miller Electric Welders for providing a Millermatic 125 to Brian Shirley, the fast qualifier with a 14.675 second lap.

A-Main Official Finish

P1: 28 - Jimmy Mars
P2: 3s - Brian Shirley
P3: 25f - Jason Feger
P4: 15 - Nick Anvelink
P5: 91 - Tyler Erb
P6: 21 - Billy Moyer Sr.
P7: b1 - Brent Larson
P8: 27h - Justin Hirt
P9: 25 - Jared Siefert
P10: 74m - Mitch McGrath
P11: 25c - Shane Clanton
P12: c12 - Chris Carlson
P13: 70 - Jim Schmidt
P14: 3 - Brett Swedberg
P15: 10s - Taylor Scheffler
P16: 7 - Joel Bennett
P17: 7b - Tim Buhler
P18: 89 - Brad Mueller
P19: 66 - Ron Berna
P20: d7 - Jim Letizia
P21: 8r - Bill Rezutek
P22: 97 - Justin Schmidt

Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award: Tyler Erb
Amsoil/ Freedom Synthetics: Mitch McGrath
Fan Fueled Racing Pole Award: Brian Shirley
Millermatic 125 Fast Qualifier: Brian Shirley
Behling Racing Products Certificate: Chris Carlson
QuarterMaster Certificate: Mitch McGrath
Wehrs Machine Certificate: Jimmy Mars
Tire Raffle Winner: Adam Janke
Wilwood Lucky 13: Jim Schmidt

Photo Credit: Eamon Bauman Photography
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